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Contact details

Telephone: +31 88 831 11 20

Visiting address

Goirlese Weg 15
5026 PB Tilburg

PO Box

Postbus 3240
5003 DE Tilburg

Keeping in touch with BOM online

Instructions and tips for using Microsoft Teams when contacting BOM.

Instructions for using Teams

How to reach our office

BOM is located in Tilburg and our office is easy to reach by car or public transport.

By car

Parking is available immediately in front of our office. If the parking area is full, more spaces are available at the Willem II Stadion.

By train / bus

For the best possible route, see 'OV bikes (rental bicycles) are also available at Tilburg Central Station.

The BOM consists of the following entities 

Turnover tax/VAT numberChamber of Commerce number 
Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij Holding B.V.0061.38.184.B0118033506
BOM Vastgoed B.V.8049.81.449.B0118045197
BOM Business Development & Foreign Investments B.V.8523.18.315.B0156823274
BOM Bedrijfslocaties B.V.8157.48.152.B0218081063
BOM Capital I B.V.8523.18.327.B0156823282
BOM Capital II B.V.8522.95.844.B0156772017
Life Sciences & Health fund B.V.8522.43.753.B0156660510
Energiefonds Brabant B.V.8534.65.174.B0159405791
Innovatiefonds Brabant B.V.8534.66.518.B0159408200
Spin-Off fonds Brabant B.V.8224.31.038.B0117284920
BOM COL Brabant B.V.0624.15.286.BO177916379

* All have their registered offices in Tilburg and are located at Goirlese Weg 15, 5026 PB in Tilburg.

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