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Entrepreneurship is the driver of innovation – from sustainable food sources to a healthy future, climate-neutral energy, and developing promising key technologies. The Brabant Development Agency (BOM) ensures that startups playing a role in these fields receive the right support and funding to get off to a flying start and grow into scaleups, and that companies that aspire to go global can actually do so. Every year BOM works with dozens of companies to create this impact. BOM is an executive body of the Province of Brabant and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.

BOM Catalyzing Change

Our focus

We work together with businesses that embrace new developments and who understand that they can achieve more by partnering with other pioneers in Brabant’s corporate world, our knowledge institutes, and an incentivizing government. By encouraging activities that anticipate the fourth industrial revolution, we are creating the economy of tomorrow. We create an appealing climate for foreign businesses and for retaining employment levels. We aid Brabant companies that want to spread their wings abroad and we stimulate the development of sustainable energy products.

Our strength

BOM is a public company that builds bridges between entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes, and the authorities. We have no commercial interests, and our independent position opens doors that often stay closed to commercial ventures. In that manner we encourage cooperation and bring people and resources together. BOM will often supply capital using the funds that we manage and the financial opportunities that arise from our networks. Through our venture building programs we ensure that startups grow consistently. That’s because when BOM is on board confidence is raised, which can only benefit the acquiring of further capital and the growth of your company.

Our history

The Brabant Development Agency (BOM) was established in 1983 by the Province of North Brabant and the Ministry of Economic Affairs , both of which are still shareholders. Its creation was partly due to the urging of the labor movement, as the rapidly worsening economy of Brabant was in urgent need of a fresh kickstart. Today the Brabant economy is at its zenith, and our top-level manufacturing industry and world class knowledge-based economy puts us among the fastest growing regions in Europe. Our challenges no longer involve facing present issues, but rather tackling the opportunities of the future.

Creating an impact for Brabant

Reporting | For BOM everything revolves around the impact that Brabant businesses can have upon a strong and competitive economy that creates sustainable employment and solves the challenges faced by society. Find out more.

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