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Brabant - China Technology Roadshow on Livestock Breeding and Processing

Brabant - China Technology Roadshow on Livestock Breeding and Processing

Brabant Livestock Breeding and Processing Technology Roadshow is one of CITTC2020 (China Jiangsu Conference for International Technology Transfer and Commercialization 2020) key technology roadshows. This roadshow aims to introduce the strengths of Noord Brabant in the field of agrofood, and to showcase the technologies and products of livestock breeding and processing enterprises in Brabant. 

While strengthening existing business and technological cooperation between Jiangsu and Brabant, both provinces are looking for new opportunities for cooperation to explore more possible cooperation models in business and technology transfer. The roadshow is expecting to gather a group of approx. 100 to 200 livestock professionals and experts online and on site together with the province government of Jiangsu. A group of Dutch livestock companies are expected to give presentations about their business and solutions to the audience with individual matchmaking opportunities afterwards.

If you would be interested in learning more about this roadshow or need information for registration, please feel free to contact Jack Gao at or 0610866686.