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Campus New Technology Seminar: VR/AR

Campus New Technology Seminar: VR/AR

9 mei 2017 | 16.00 - 17.00 uur | Conference Center High Tech Campus (Eindhoven)

Technology is improving at a rapid pace, as many things are possible today that were not possible 10 years ago, even if we tried our best to make it happen. Today, some of the impossible things are rising to the occasion in the form of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. But what are they exactly? Let's find out!

The program:

16:00-16:20: Coen Sanderink, BOM

VR/AR: Hype or serious business?

In 2016 the Brabant Development Agency published the research report “VR / AR: Hype or serious business?". For the first time forecasts where combined with actual market numbers. They concluded that virtual and augmented reality (VR / AR) developers work especially commissioned by companies and focus too little on building software platforms. Therefore, they miss international growth opportunities. In 2017 they repeated their research and will publish one of the first reports with actual trendlines of market developments in AR/VR industry in Europe in the period 2016-2017 combined with forecasts. This presentation will answer the question is VR/AR a hype or serious business? 

16:20-16:40: Menno Bischops, VRee

VR 2.0: Real-time Wireless full-body VR experiences

VRee is the developer of the world’s first platform to enable real-time full-body tracking, opening the door to active VR eSports and numerous applications in the gaming and simulation-training industries.

16:40-17:00: Maarten Witteveen, Manus VR

Creating the Manus VR development kit

Maarten Witteveen, CTO at Manus VR, will tell the story of how a group of friends set out to create the state of the art in hand tracking technology. It's a story about how an Arduino prototype became a mass-producible data-glove within just 2 years. During his talk, Maarten will explain the struggles facing an unexperienced but highly driven team on their road to becoming a renowned name in the world of electronics.

17:00-18.00: Free drinks

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