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Matchmaking met Chinese bedrijven op het gebied van Intelligent Manufacturing, Healthcare en Smart/Green City


Op vrijdag 31 maart aanstaande is een zakelijke delegatie uit de Chinese provincie Jiangsu aanwezig in Eindhoven voor een matchmaking event. Met een focus op de onderwerpen Intelligent manufacturing, Healthcare en Smart/Green City, zijn deze bedrijven op zoek naar Nederlandse partners voor een business kansen en/of technologische samenwerking.

We verwachten een tiental bedrijven, de volgend bedrijven hebben hun aanwezigheid reeds bevestigd:

Nanjing SReMOL Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

Focusing on contamination control and industrialization of resources, SReMOL introduces environmental remediation teams with advanced nanotechnology, upgrades company qualification levels in environmental industries, establishes a first class testing laboratory. It also provides technologic consulting service in the field of remediation business. SReMOL is seeking new technologies for soil and groundwater remediation that could be used in China and learning more about soil and groundwater remediation concepts and engineering management experience.

Suzhou Fast Electronics Tech Co., Ltd.

The company is engaged in: micro-high-end equipment manufacturing and services, its business scope is nuclear radiation monitoring and protection. The products and services Suzhou Fast Electronics Tech offers are used for the nuclear industry enterprises, hospitals, schools, border, environmental protection and other public service agencies. The company aims to expand on the basis of existing nuclear radiation monitoring and protection products by coming in contact with intelligent manufacturing companies related to the field of measurement and control instruments, new sensors and radiation detection technology research and development and application, or companies with related products in the construction of smart city or the application of eco-city as well as companies with related products in health care, medical physics and geophysical applications.

Nanjing ExtMed Thirdparty Logistics of Medical Co., Ltd.

An innovative company in the field of medical health, committed to service medical industry, scientific and technological innovation and other comprehensive business. Medical equipment technology transformation, medical equipment, third - party logistics, smart medical treatment. Looking for medical equipment technology, medical information technology, medical testing technology communication and exchange.

Jiangsu Tangcheng Neon Digital Technology Co.

LED lighting industry and IOT. Producing LED driver, smart system of LED lighting, electronics, lighting appliance, applied for airports, seaports, and tunnels. Jiangsu Tangcheng Neon Digital Technology is looking for technical cooperation for LED-driven intelligent management software and hardware, product development cooperation. (Chinese only)

Nanjing Baiyun Environmental Technology Group Co., ltd.

Active in the environmental protection and energy conservation industry, Nanjing Baiyun Environmental Technology Group offers comprehensive technical services, including environmental monitoring, pollution control and energy-saving technology services. The company is would like to come in contact with environmental management institutions or enterprises in the Netherlands in the field of waste water, waste gas and solid waste disposal technologies. Nanjing Baiyun Environmental Technology Group is looking for technical cooperation agreements or the introduction of foreign technical experts. (Chinese only)

SNDVG SME Development & Management Co., Ltd.

The Group aims to promote the innovation of science and technology and boost the regional transformation and development through the construction of regional science and technology investment and financing platforms, the investment promotion of science and technology (talents and project introduction) and other new financial service platforms and the construction of innovative science and technology parks. The company is looking to learn the international advanced innovative technology knowledge, and constantly explores innovative business model for talent services, scientific and technological innovation to provide new ideas, new methods, new ways to achieve talented person "Going out, and introducing of." Main focus are smart manufacturing, smart city projects, health and medical projects, information and communication technology. (Chinese only)

Sinograin Zhenjiang Grains & Oils Quality Testing Center

The company is engaged in the food processing industry, enterprise products are edible oil, oil by-products, feed and so on. They would like to learn from advanced research, development management concepts, forward-looking research and development technology. The project mainly requires the field of intelligent manufacturing-related technologies and equipments. (Chinese only)

Suzhou TDH. Remote Sensing Technology Co., Ltd.

The company is engaged in low-altitude remote sensing and stability of the PTZ sensor development and production, low-altitude remote sensing data processing software development technology, aerial flight, remote sensing images, three-dimensional data processing and value-added applications and other technical services. Data applications and value-added services customers are including land, planning, environment, resources, urban infrastructure construction, construction of intelligent cities and other industry sectors. The main products are multi-axis series PTZ system and UAV tilt photogrammetry system. Suzhou TDH Remote Sensing Technology Co. is interested to study advanced concepts and ideas from the Netherlands smart city construction, intelligent manufacturing and other areas. They are also seeking for technical cooperation of low-altitude remote sensing sensor.(Hyperspectral imager, multicomponent gas sensor, greenhouse gas detection, etc.), intelligent urban construction (platform system, data processing and integration technology) and other fields.

Jiangsu NETIN Technologies Co., Ltd.

This company is a leading provider in the field of smart city service, safe city solutions and operation of intelligent buildings. They develop software for smart city applications (transportation, public security, health care) and provide solutions for integration of information systems. They are interested to learn about smart cities development in the Netherlands, about smart city products and technologies used and financing mechanisms (such as PPP). They also have a special interest in intelligent healthcare developments. (Chinese only)

Jiangsu LVHE Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

The company is engaged in treatment and re-use of construction waste and decoration waste. The main products are cement products (regenerated aggregate water permeable bricks, regenerated aggregate ready mixed mortar and cement stabilized macadam. They are interested in meeting companies who are specialised in processing and disposing construction and household waste and companies specialised in waste processing equipment. They are also seeking cooperation in the field of technology for processing river bed silt and soil remediation. (Chinese only)

Wuxi Fuyang Biotech Co., Ltd.

The company is engaged in the development, sales and technical services of biological reagents, testing instruments and medical intermediates. The company also manufactures testing reagents. They are interested in meeting companies specialised in testing instruments for food testing, antibody diagnosis and clinical diagnosis or companies specialised in quality assurance mechanisms for the food and medical industry.

Jiangsu Parnell Amperex Technology Ltd.

The company focuses on the development, production, sales, technical services, maintenance and management of charging infrastructure for new energy automobiles. The company also provides battery packs for electric automobiles, high-and-low voltage connectors, smart charging devices, battery management systems and automobile surveillance and management software. Main products of the company are various internet automobile charging piles, which are applied in commercial and public car parks and residential areas. They would like to meet companies and/or institutes specialised in development of cloud platforms for electric automobile charging services. (Chinese only)


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