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Ventinova introduceert de eerste minimaal invasieve beademingsbuis

Ventinova introduceert de eerste minimaal invasieve beademingsbuis

Ventinova Medical B.V. is introducing a revolutionary small-bore endotracheal tube called Tritube®. Tritube is a minimally invasive airway device with an outer diameter of only 4.4 mm intended for ventilating adult patients with EVA technology. Tritube can be used with Ventinova’s manual ventilator Ventrain, which allows full ventilation through small lumen airways. This combination broadens the surgical options during upper airway surgery, because the thin tube increases surgical space and the cuff ensures a secured airway and protected lung with a clear and hygienic view on the surgical site. Tritube received CE clearance end of 2016; last January the first products were released from production and since then the product has already been used very successfully in multiple patients in different countries, also providing important clinical training material for supporting the current market introduction.

In the past Ventinova has presented the “Expiratory Ventilation Assistance” technology, better known as EVA®, and developed – and is further developing – various devices for application of this technology. EVA not only enables ventilation of patients in the OR and ICU through an extremely thin tube, but more importantly, expiration is actively controlled instead of the traditional method of allowing the lungs to empty passively and thus uncontrolled. This new method is expected to lead to a considerable reduction of the number of lung complications related to patient ventilation. In addition, this ventilation technique also offers new possibilities for surgical treatment of anesthetized patients.

Ventrain® was the first product on the market based on the EVA ventilation method. In order to apply EVA in the broad field of surgery and emergency medicine worldwide, Ventinova has also developed and introduced Cricath®, a needle catheter for rapid “front of neck” emergency access to the airways, and now Tritube. Additionally, Ventinova is showcasing a prototype of Evone®, a mechanical ventilator also based on the EVA technology. Ventinova is currently performing various patient studies and expects to introduce Evone to the market in the second quarter of 2017.

Prof. Dr. Dietmar Enk, MD, anesthesiologist, inventor of the EVA technology and Tritube and medical consultant of Ventinova: “Tritube increases the work space for the surgeon compared to conventional thick tubes, while the ventilation remains to be very effective because of the EVA technology. Furthermore Tritube minimizes airway trauma and improves comfort of and safety for the patient.”

Dirk van Asseldonk, founder and CEO of Ventinova: “Tritube is a key product for further boosting our business in airway management and patient ventilation: it not only enables a much broader field of application of our manual ventilator Ventrain, but it is also crucial in combination with our upcoming mechanical ventilator Evone, the upcoming new flagship of the company.”